youth CounselLing and Family Support

“If you are having thoughts of suicide, talk to someone you trust”

"Things always get better with time"

“Sometimes all we need is just a new perspective.”

“Life isn’t about finding yourself it is about creating yourself”

Kindness Matters

I am a firm believer that kindness, respect and integrity are necessary if we are to find our true happiness.

Family Support

The world has been chaotic, confusing, scary and overwhelming for the past few years. COVID, world events/conflicts, natural disasters, increase in violence, social media and cyber bullying…. As a result, families can get stuck and feel overwhelmed.
You may wonder:
How do I talk to my kids about these issues?
How do I ease their worries and anxieties?
How do I monitor and manage their social media use?
I can provide you with practical and simple strategies to assist you in solving problems collaboratively as a family. You will learn new skills to work together and to recognize and focus on the things that are working.


Overcome challenges to pave the way for an improved quality of life.

Are you struggling with Relationship issues, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, self-harming behaviors, thoughts of Suicide. I can help.  With over 30 years of working with youth, teens and/or their families I have plenty of experience to assist you in improving your coping skills.  Sometimes  a safe place to vent your feelings, thoughts, questions or worries with a trusted adult other than your parents can be helpful.  I understand as a teen you don’t always want to talk to your parents about certain topics.  So I am here to listen and provide sound advice. 

If you need support NOW I currently have NO WAITLIST!!

I believe everyone should have the ability to get the help they need when they need it.  I will provide you with support that is practical, evidence informed, accessible and affordable. All sessions are virtual. Payment is made online through my website prior to your session.

Sessions are 50 mins in length
Teen or individual $95
Family session $125

I provide a free 15 min consult prior to a session to determine if we are a good fit.

You can reach me by email at or 289-921-8002 to book your session.
Please ensure that you have a quiet private space with a headset for our session together.


Some helpful tips to reduce anxiety and develop healthy coping skills

  • Try cutting back on your screen time especially 1 hour before bedtime
  • Drink more water
  • Happy thoughts create a healthy body
  • Move your body daily
  • Give yourself permission to pause
  • Ask yourself each morning, “how do I want to feel today?”
  • Thoughts do not equal facts

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